About the Project
The site was created at the initiative of the Ileana Foundation, Director Luminita Batali, art historian, as a starting point for a coherent and systematic resource of images and data on professional scene design and costumes in Romania.

Its main purpose is to be open to further enrichment with other creators of the field as, given the short time in which this project had to be ready, in view of the 2007 PQ, many of the Romanian important artists couldn't be presented here.

We also wish to complete it with studies and articles written by different people, as this is only the beginning.

We look forward to new entries, as this site is open to all professional scene designers in Romania.

If you wish to be in this site please contact us, as well if you wish to add new shows.

The site is far for presenting the totality of works created by each scene or costume designer. For the time being we included here only the most recent works.