Marcel Janco
The images are reproduced with the artist's approval.
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Portrait of Tristan Tzara - Masque
"Portrait of Tristan Tzara - Masque"
Paris Musee National D’Art Moderne
Centre Georges Pompidou
The Company Thirteen plus One,
"The Company Thirteen plus One,"
by Marcel Achard, 1932
directed by Sandu Eliad
scene design by Marcel Janco
(for other information and unknown images see LIGEIA review, Paris, no. 105-106-107-108, January- June 2011; the study "Le modernisme dans la scénographie roumaine” by Luminita Batali)
The Merry Death
"The Merry Death"
by N. Evreinoff
directed by Sandu Eliad and F. Florian